About - Tracy Germaine Photography

About ME

My style... is modern simplicity and natural beauty. My first choice is natural light but additional lighting is an exciting luxury to be fully embraced. 

My goal... is for you to look at your photo's 20 years from now and be reminded of how you felt that day. I pour my heart into your day to capture all the moments you remember. (and those you may have missed.) 

My inspiration... is rooted in story telling and observed moments. I'm inspired by my travel's and the people I'm honored to work with every day. Whether it's other talented photographers or my client's who allow me the honor of telling their story. I'm who I am; ever changing and learning because of them. 

What you wouldn't expect: I'm a little on the serious side, though I have my silly moments. I'm always nervous around new people although you would never know it to talk to me. Photography is my life. It's better than any shrink,  diary or cocktail. (that last one is always an acceptable addition) I'm always up for travel and emerging myself into new cultures. Though I don't get a chance to do that enough. I work pretty much seven days a week and it never feels like work. (how many people can say that?)

I Shoot with... Canon 5D Mark III, a full frame camera known for it's low light capabilities. Any photographer will tell you, a great camera is good, but nothing beats great glass and a lot of creativity. Rules were made to follow and be broken at the same time. 

PLEASE note: I'm available for travel sessions such as vacation or family/business; Day In The Life session. I also do on-site corporate portrait sessions. Call for pricing and packages. 

I hope... you enjoy my work and join me in this beautiful journey of photography and life.